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Christmas Light Technology

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The beauty of having these simple light fixtures inside of mason jars is that you can place them anywhere. And they are even portable which means whenever you need them they will be available to you. They take an ordinary space and give it a gleam of magic.

We absolutely love the versatility of mason jars. They can ultimately be used for everything you need around your home and that includes being light fixtures. In a simple DIY, you can great light fixtures that work for the inside of your home as well as for the outside space as well. The key is using wireless Christmas lights. Place your wireless Christmas lights in different sized mason jars and place them around your home for a soft yet elegant glow.

Christmas Lights

was a grand affair, showing differences in style, history and flare.

But all was not merry and bright, because they knew some would sadly remain out of

sight. They understood all too well, that many would never make it to store shelves,

which meant they needed to find other ways to delight.

For you see, they knew that variety was the spice of creativity. From big

Christmas light shows to simple nativities. They needed a place to call home, where

interested customers go to roam, to showcase all of their unique capabilities.

Their journey was wrought with peril but together they remained calm. They

shone brightly and planned carefully to resolve their qualm. And as more of them

met, less began to fret and together they made the world of

Twas' a night before the holidays, prior to Christmas season, where a group of Christmas lights gathered for a reason. Thousands of them met, cheery and bright, to have fun and to celebrate the gift of light. Cloaked in mystery, the party was a grand affair, showing differences in style, history and flare.

But all was not merry and bright, because they knew some would sadly remain out of sight. They understood all too well, that many would never make it to store shelves, which meant they needed to find other ways to delight.

For you see, they knew that variety was the spice of creativity. From big Christmas light shows to simple nativities. They needed a place to call home, where interested customers go to roam, to showcase all of their unique capabilities.

Their journey was wrought with peril but together they remained calm. They shone brightly and planned carefully to resolve their qualm. And as more of them met, less began to fret and together they made the world of ChristmasLightsEtc.com

Through the Aisle We Go, NOT Laughing All the Way

The vast majority of Christmas light decorations are not accessible to the general public at local big retail stores because it's hard for big retailers to carry that kind of diversity only one month a year. So, most people trudge up and down store aisles seeing a lot of similar products, often trying to be the cheapest and you get what you pay for. The Christmas light displays go up quick around Halloween and they vanish as fast, often before Christmas day.

Thousands of Bright Options Year Round

At Christmas Lights, Etc., we have thousands of lights and decorations we sell year round. We have lights for every budget and project whether you're doing something simple or whether you're a commercial decorator doing a large public display. As you might have guessed, we love Christmas lights and we sell some of the best lights on planet earth that are brand specified.

So Many Christmas Lights?! Where do I even begin?

Don't worry. You're not alone. Christmas lights and all around Christmas decorating are such diverse creative pursuits that thousands of lighting products have been produced for almost every possible creative display. It's actually quite amazing, but it's also a little daunting. So we captured five very important tips to help you before you begin.

5 Christmas Light Tips You Should Consider Before Buying

1. Very Simple, but Very Long-Term Plan

If you like decorating but don't have the budget to create the next Clark Griswold house, take the time to create a small, but very long-term plan. Christmas uniquely lets people share their own style and spirit. Use that to your advantage and invest in lights and decor that you know you can use multiple ways and that will last for multiple seasons. In the end, you'll save money and have better options to work with as you create new ways of decorating.

2. LEDs vs Incandescent Myth

More than 60% of Christmas enthusiasts now prefer LED lights, according to a nationwide survey conducted by Christmas Lights, Etc of nearly 2,000 people. What does that mean for you? If you're on the fence about going all LED it's ok. Light choice is a personal preference and some people love LEDs while others love vintage incandescent Christmas lights. Both options are fine, you just have to plan differently for each longer term.

3. Outdoor Christmas Lighting Woes

Every outdoor space is unique and your vision should not be compromised. Make sure your Christmas products will hold up in the weather. Moisture and electricity don't mix. Look for indoor/outdoor rated lights and invest in accessories that keep your products looking good and well conditioned, like hanging clips and stakes. When the siren's song of the staple gun begins to sing, be strong, and think about the benefits of using your lights for a long time!

4. Determining Quality Christmas Lights

How do you tell what's quality or not? Quality products come from quality companies that specialize in that one style of product and who have repeat customers year over year. This doesn't happen by accident and Christmas Lights, Etc is proud to be the most shopped online Christmas lights store in America precisely because so many people decide to come back to us year over year for nearly 20 years. We sell thousands of quality products and they are represented by the amount of people that choose us over hundreds of other companies selling products that seem the same, but aren't. That means something to us. We stand by our products because we stand by our customers. That's quality.

LED Christmas Lights Guide

With a full spectrum of vibrant colors and exceptional durability, LED Christmas lights are more than just an energy saving option for your holiday displays!

With a full spectrum of vibrant colors and exceptional durability, LED lights are more than just an energy saving option for your holiday displays!

What you'll discover by reading this guide:

What you'll discover by reading this guide:

What are the real benefits of LED Christmas lights?

The Real Benefits of LED Christmas lights

Most people know that LED Christmas lights save a lot of electricity but there are many more reasons to consider making the switch. According to a nationwide survey conducted by Christmas Lights, Etc of over 2,000 Christmas consumers, 57% now prefer LEDs over incandescent. Here's why:

Connect More Light Strings

You can typically connect 8 to 10 times more LED light strings together end to end while only using one plug outlet. Most traditional Christmas mini lights allow you to connect only 4 or 5 sets end to end, but with many LED mini light strings you can connect 40 to 50+ together depending on the light count. This makes decorating large Christmas displays far easier.

Cool to the Touch

LEDs produce next to no heat, which means they're always cool to the touch and safe for children and animals to be around all season.

Visually Unparalleled

LED bulbs produce a brighter more vivid light than traditional incandescent bulbs. The light output is stunning and one of the most complimented aspects of LED lights in customer reviews!

Incredibly Long Life

Many LED light sets are rated to last tens of thousands of hours, which is well beyond a traditional set of incandescent mini lights that typically may last only a season or two.

Advanced Technology, Innovative Designs

LEDs are available in a kaleidoscope of colors and several varieties even feature unique light display capabilities such as being dimmable and color changing. The newest RGB LEDs are even capable of thousands of light color combinations!

Bottomline: LED lights are much easier to use for large Christmas displays, they are safer, they last longer, they produce more vivid color and use up to 90% less energy. Now you know why so many people have already made the switch.

Popular LED String Lights

Popular LED String Light Styles

Wide Angle 5mm LED Mini Lights- The 5mm LED bulb is smaller than your traditional mini light yet its concave lens produces a very popular starburst light halo that disperses light uniformly in all directions. 5mm led minis are popular for wrapping indoor and outdoor trees, wreaths and garland.

M5 Mini Lights & T5 Mini Lights- New technology, timeless design. An instant classic! M5 & T5 LEDs are your replacement for older style incandescent mini lights and work well when wrapped around greenery, porch columns, and indoor trees.

G12 Raspberry Lights Whether they remind you of raspberries or gum drops, G12 LED light strings are certainly a fun addition to any colorful and unique design theme! Dont let these mini globes fool you, their diamond faceted bulb design creates a radiant light halo. Trim the tree, light up bushes or wrap G12 LEDs around columns and railings.

C6 Strawberry LED Lights- C6 LED mini lights are a decorator's dream! C6 light strings are popular for illuminating bushes and trees because of their unique strawberry shape. They are also used for indoor decorating and as party or wedding accent lighting.

C7 & C9 LED Christmas Lights- While searching for C7 and C9 light strings it is very likely that you will come across the phrase "prelamped LEDs" - this means that the bulbs are not removable from the string. Prelamped LED strings are very convenient because they come ready to hang out of the package which makes for faster installation. Additionally, these LED outdoor Christmas lights are a budget friendly option for anyone who wants to make the switch to LEDs and does not plan on changing their light colors or display for several years. C7 & C9 LED string lights are a popular choice for lighting the roof, outlining the yard, and wrapping large outdoor trees.

LED Light Styles & Decorating Ideas

LED Light Styles & Decorating Ideas

C7/C9 Replacement Bulbs- Many people prefer the ability to change their C7 or C9 light bulbs, however most pre-packaged light sets have these bulbs hard wired together. While that makes it easier to place lights on your house, it also limits your ability swap colors or replace bulbs if you need to. There are a wide variety of LED C7 and C9 replacement bulbs but they are not all created equal.

Less expensive versions may use older generation LEDs or less diodes which means you'll have weaker lights. Newer technology LED C7 and C9 bulbs like the Opti-Core&trade LED and Vintage Style FlexFilament&trade light bulbs feature advanced LED technology and better bulb lenses to create brighter and more vivid colors. They also dim better, which is a plus for light control. If you want to change your light colors or swap bulbs from Christmas to summer patio lighting, getting stringers with replacement bulbs is the best option for you.

  • Commercial grade bulbs with superior optics
  • Surface Mounted Diode (SMD) LED Technology
  • Extremely durable pure polycarbonate lens
  • C7, C9 & G50 Bulb Styles
  • Smooth & Faceted bulb finishes

  • Vintage style visible filament bulbs
  • Curved filaments lined with LED diodes
  • Glass and acrylic lens options
  • C7, C9, Globe Patio & Edison Bulb Styles
  • Smooth & Transparent Bulb Finishes

Net Lights & Trunk Wraps- LED net lights and trunk wraps are the ideal solution when quick and even light coverage is needed. Net lights offer a convenient way to wrap bushes and shrubs while trunk wraps are great for covering tree trunks and/or branches. Visit our net light installation guide to learn more!

LED Icicle Lights- One of the most popular LED outdoor Christmas light styles for lining the roof has been making its way indoors as ambient bedroom lighting and is becoming increasingly popular for creating a romantic atmosphere at weddings too! LED icicle lights are available in a wide variety of solid colors, plus fun combinations like red and green for Christmas and even orange and purple for Halloween!

Grand Cascades & Falling Icicles- An animated twist on traditional icicle string lights! Falling icicle bulbs can be used in C7 and C9 stringers to mimic falling snow and dripping ice. Grand Cascade light tubes contain a row of diodes which light up and then descend, creating the effect of shooting stars and snow showers!

LED Rope Light- Wrap it up or lay it out! Long lasting LED rope light stays cool to the touch and, with a bulb every inch, it shines exceptionally bright! DIY decorators love the flexibility of tube lighting to create custom motifs and signs. LED rope light is also a popular solution for lining walkways, decks, or stairs, and works great indoors as accent or cove lighting. Visit our Rope Light Guide to learn more!

The Very American History of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are a uniquely American tradition. That’s not just because the first electric Christmas lights appeared in America. The tradition embodies a certain American-ness, an ingenuity and hunger for innovation, that’s easily overlooked. America doesn’t just make things. America makes things spectacular.

The tradition of light and Christmas dates further back than America and even further back than Christianity. The holiday, of course, falls just after the winter solstice and the longest night of the year. All around the world lighting, there’s evidence of many ancient cultures fires in order to lure the sun back during this dark time of year. In different religions, the light takes on several different meanings: hope, rebirth, everlasting life. In American history, however, technology played a major role in transforming what was once believed to be a pagan ritual into a worldwide sensation driven by technology.

That little string of lights that you bought at the store and wrapped around your tree just to add a little twinkle to your home during the holidays? That’s as American as it gets. Of course, the glowing Christmas tree tradition started in Europe—but the Americans made it better.

Early 16th century: Martin Luther decorates the first Christmas tree

The original Martin Luther story is simple. One evening in, the leader of the Protestant Reformation took a walk in the woods to compose a sermon, saw the stars through some pine trees, and rushed home. In an attempt to recreate the beauty with his family, Luther set up a small evergreen tree inside the house and wired wax candles to the branches like so:

This is probably just a myth. Decorating homes with evergreen is a practice that goes back at least as far as the Romans and the Druids, but German Lutherans are credited with bringing the tradition of candle-lit Christmas trees to settlements in Pennsylvania as early as the 1747 . At that time, New England Puritans viewed Christmas celebrations outside of church—namely Christmas trees— to be a form of “pagan mockery.” Indeed, pagans were into the evergreen thing, too. Attitudes changed once the royals got on board, though.

1846: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert make it fashionable

While German immigrants were being weird in Pennsylvania, Queen Victoria and her German-born husband Prince Albert made an unexpectedly powerful statement across the pond. In December 1848, a sketch of the royal family appeared gathered around a candle-lit Christmas tree in the Illustrated London News.

Two years later, Godey’s Lady’s Book republished the image with some slight variations, namely the removal of Victoria’s tiara and Albert’s mustache. This and other pictures of a family surrounding an evergreen tree decorated with candles sparked a Christmas craze that the United States embraced.

1879: Thomas Edison demonstrates his string of electric lights

This is where America takes charge. While many European scientists had been developing incandescent lightbulbs for years, Thomas Edison changed the game with his efficient, long-lasting carbon filament lamps.

The inventor strung the lights up at his laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey and invited on-lookers to come view them in late December. Although the official demonstration took place on New Years’ Eve in 1879 , many people consider Edison’s innovation to be the world’s first string of Christmas lights .

1882: Edward H. Johnson shows off the first electric Christmas tree

While working as vice president of the Edison Electric Light Company, Edward H. Johnson decided to try replacing the traditional candles on a Christmas tree with electric lightbulbs. This was a great idea because the open candle flame tended to set dry trees on fire and burn people’s house down. Plus the lights would look spectacular.

So in 1882, Johnson had 80 red, white, and blue walnut-sized bulbs specially made for his Christmas tree. He then strung around a Christmas tree which he placed on a rotating pine box at his home in Manhattan and invited reporters to come marvel at what he and Thomas hath wrought. “As the tree turned, the colors alternated, all the lamps going out and being relit at every revolution,” recalled a reporter from Detroit who witnessed the historical sight. “The result was a continuous twinkling of dancing colors, red, white, blue, white, red, blue—all evening. I need not tell you that the scintillating evergreen was a pretty sight—one can hardly imagine anything prettier.” The tree itself, however, was a little bit dinky.

So it turns out the tradition of hanging electric lights on Christmas trees was basically a publicity stunt to help Edison sell lightbulbs. Nevertheless, it was a dramatic innovation that turned a once frowned upon immigrant tradition into nationwide sensation. Of course, for a few years, it was a nationwide sensation only enjoyed by the very rich. Because early Christmas lights needed to be hard-wired into a lighting fixture, it cost the equivalent of hundreds of dollars to enjoy an electric glow during the holiday season.

1895: Grover Cleveland brings electric bulbs to the White House

Over a decade after Johnson’s first electric light Christmas tree, President Grover Cleveland requested that the White House Christmas tree be lit with a similar, albeit more elaborate display. The Wheeling Register said the tree as “very beautifully trimmed and decorated with tiny parti-colored electric lamps in place of the old time wax candles.” Whereas Johnson’s electric lights were meant to attract media attention, the elaborate decorations on the White House tree were probably meant to appeal to Cleveland’s three young daughters .

There’s some debate over the exact date of the above photo from the Cleveland White House, but it’s from around 1895 .

1903: General Electric begins selling Christmas light kits

Though many Americans wanted a Christmas tree festooned with electric lights by the 20th-century, they remained reserved for the elite and the electricians who could string them up themselves. However, General Electric (of course) took the trend mainstream when it started selling prewired Christmas lighting set with Edison incandescent bulbs in 1903.

These multicolored lights came in wooden boxes with complete instructions on how to hang the lights and replace broken bulbs. From the wording , you can tell that the Americans who’d be stringing up the lights probably didn’t know what they were doing:

At one end of the lamp conductor will be found a screw attaching plug. This should be screwed into the nearest lamp socket in the room. The lamps are strung in series of eight on these festoons on loops of cord radiating from a junction box. This junction plug can be fastened to the decoration in an inconspicuous place and the festoons of cord with lamps can then be draped about the decoration and entwined as desired.

The General Electric kit sold for $12 for a three-festoon set—that would be about $325 today—kits could soon be found for as little as $1.50 . Other companies like the American Eveready Company (now known just as Eveready) also sold socket-ready strings of lights for high prices. Consumers could also rent lights from local stores.

1919: GE introduces the flame-shaped bulb

From this point on, the American Christmas light industry was all about innovation. Strings of lights became brighter, longer-lasting, and cheaper after tungsten filament was introduced into the market around 1916. By 1919, GE strayed from the traditional globe-shaped bulbs and started selling cone- or flame-shaped bulbs sold under the same Mazda brand it used to sell regular-sized tungsten filament light bulbs.

The bulbs would become a fixture in NOMA kits for years to come. GE discontinued the round globe bulbs altogether in 1922 and introduced the ribbed flame-shaped bulb in 1925.

1920s: Thermostat technology is used to create first blinking Christmas light

While it seems incremental, this was a big innovation for Christmas lights, one that had huge implications in American holiday culture for decades to come. In the 1920s, inventors filed a number of patents for blinking Christmas lights . Most relied on the same simple technology used in thermostats at the time.

Basically, electricity would heat a small strip of metal that completed a circuit inside of the bulb. When the metal became hot, it would bend and break the circuit, turning the light off. As it cooled, it bent back and reconnected the circuit turning the light back on. This technology is still used in some blinking lightbulbs today.

1925: The NOMA Electric Company is born

As many trends in America go, first the rich tried Christmas lights, then the politicians followed. Finally, an enterprising teen figured out a way to make it work for everyone. So goes the legend of Albert Sadacca and the founding of the NOMA Electric Company anyways. Supposedly, after Christmas tree candles caused a fire in New York City in 1917, a 15-year-old Sadacca got the idea to repurpose the white novelty lights his parents sold for use in Christmas tree by adding colored lights to the strings. Again, this is a legend.

Regardless of the origin story, Sadacca and company went on to band together with about 15 other Christmas light manufacturers to form the National Outfit Manufacturer’s Association (NOMA) in 1925.

Until the 1960’s, NOMA more or less dominated the industry and introduced a number of important innovations to Christmas lights like all rubber cords and fused safety plugs. You might say that Christmas lights look they way they do today because of NOMA.

1946: NOMA brings bubble lights to the United States

While they first appeared in the England, bubble lights lights became a national craze in the United States, after NOMA introduced an American-patented version in 1946. (See how the pattern of America taking European traditions and making them awesome continues?)

The mechanics of the tacky decorations is relatively simple. An incandescent bulb encased in plastic heats a liquid with a low boiling point—usually methylene chloride—until it bubbles inside of a candle-shaped vial. Watch them bubble!

1950s-60s: Aluminum Christmas tree fad pits commercialization against tradition

If you know any baby boomers, they’ve probably pulled presents out from underneath an aluminum Christmas tree at some point in their life. Marketed as a permanent tree that never needed water, the aluminum Christmas tree became the shining example of how consumerism could ruin Christmas tradition.

First introduced in the 1950s and reaching peak popularity in the early 1960s, these gleaming beacons of capitalism were perfect for the Space Age. A 1963 Sears Christmas Books reads :

Whether you decorate with blue or red balls… or use the tree without ornaments — this exquisite tree is sure to be the talk of your neighborhood. High luster aluminum gives a dazzling brilliance. Shimmering silvery branches are swirled and tapered to a handsome realistic fullness. It’s really durable… needles are glued and mechanically locked on. Fireproof… you can use it year after year.

While the fireproof marketing message endures, the aluminum trees were obviously huge conductors so electric Christmas lights couldn’t be hung. Rotating likes like this were instead used to project light onto the chrome-colored tree. Inevitably, the Christmas lights industry took a nosedive, and in 1966, NOMA filed for bankruptcy . It was the largest Christmas tree lights company in the world at the time.

1966: GE blankets suburbia with foreign-made Merry Midget lights

This is when things get really nuts. With the American holiday light industry gutted, manufacturing moved overseas, and the lights got cheap. GE also combined a number of innovations and introduced the very familiar—and still available —Merry Midget light sets. These affordable kits were first manufactured in Japan and then in Taiwan.

The Merry Midgets were the first of many icicle-shaped mini-lights to appear in stores, and the outdoor-friendly design took suburbia by storm . Before long, you couldn’t drive through a neighborhood in middle America during the holiday season without seeing a tract house trimmed with mini-lights.

1970s and 1980s: Utter chaos

Once Christmas lights were tough enough to go outside and cheap enough to be disposable, Americans went nuts. Little innovations like lights that fluctuated according to sound and flickering flame light that used semiconductors appeared in the 1970s. For the most part, though, the holiday season became a competition of who could blow the most money on the most ridiculous holiday decorations. The dad who built the biggest spectacle wins.

Of course, at this point in time, the trend had traveled around the world. America took the European tradition of hanging lights on trees and turned it into an opportunity of technological innovation (and profit).

1990s to today: America deals with the hangover

After so many decades of pumping electricity into tiny lights to make our Christmas trees pretty, Americans started to catch on to the potentially damaging effects of such consumption. The first fully programmable lighting system was patented in 1995 , making it easier to control light displays and conserve energy.

The latest innovations have less to do with getting incandescent bulbs to do new things than with getting rid of them altogether. Suburban America is now hungry for long-lasting, energy-conserving LED lights. Meanwhile, they’re coming up with all kinds of creative ways to recycle those old incandescents . Because once we get good at inventing something, we get better at making it cheap and disposable. Eventually, we make something better and throw the old things away. But hey, in America, we even throw things away with pride these days.

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Christmas lights are a uniquely American tradition.

The tradition of light and Christmas dates further back than America and even further back than Christianity.

Based on the first sentence of your first two paragraphs, this article would earn a D- as a high school composition piece. I can stretch myself to see what you mean to say, but the words you use to say it are contradictory and confused. Yes, the pageantry of electric lights at Christmas is an almost exclusively American conceit in modern times, however as you also mention Christmas has been a festival of lights since before it was Christmas. Even in terms of the celebration of Christ's birth, Americans were not the first to put lights on trees, as your article points out.

It was just hard getting past the obvious contradiction and falsehood of your premise. It would have been much better to just lock the headline is as "A brief history of Christmas lights" and leave out the first paragraph (your thesis!) entirely.

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One of our first and most classic options for decorating is mini lights. You may also know these as fairy lights, twinkle lights or Italian lights. These classic Christmas mini lights have been used for Christmas and more inside and outside for many years. If you are more of a traditionalist you might be interested in the C7 bulb and C9 bulbs section. These will give you that vintage feel of yesteryear on your Christmas tree or on the roof line of your home or business. We are very proud to offer a wide selection of the up and coming LED lights. There are many shapes and styles from 5MM and M5 that will be more like a mini light. C6 LED lights, also known as strawberry LED lights, C7 and C9 LED bulbs. You will find faceted or diamond cut designs as well as many lengths and bulbs counts within the LED category. Our most popular section is our craft Christmas lights. We offer several bulb counts and many colors of LED and traditional mini light craft strings. These can be used in a wide range of crafting projects such as, glass blocks, centerpieces, wine bottle lights and many more. Using lighting outside for entertaining has gained popularity in the last several years thanks to patio lights. These cool round bistro bulbs have become a staple for rustic weddings and backyard parties. You can hang them from post around your patio or pool or hang them from barn rafters for a nice glow at a barn wedding. Icicle lights can be hung along roofs or gutters to give you that classic and elegant Christmas light look. Net lights are wonderful for covering bushes during the holidays. Curtain lights are perfect for an elegant backdrop for weddings. Now that you have your lights picked out, you will need something to hang them with, that's where our huge selection Christmas light clips come in handy. We have something for almost every application imaginable. If you want to really bring your Christmas decorations to life, try using a fader, chasing controller or one of our other controller choices. In this area you will also see our options for wire that will give you the ability to create your own light strings by just adding bulbs as well as electrical supplies to complete, repair or restore your projects with ease. One of the most fun categories is our Christmas light displays. You will find something to fit every need. You can fill in with elves or a cute snowman. You will find many options for Nativity scenes for your home or business. There are fun signs and arches. There really is something for everyone. We are proud to offer a large selection of garland, bows and wreaths that will add a festive flair to your home or business. The last options you will see is a link to our Commercial division website. You will see fiberglass scenes, larger displays, pole decorations and more. If you or someone you know needs something larger for a city or business, please click through, take a look and then contact us.

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Broomall father develops app to find all the best Christmas light displays

BROOMALL, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- When you're in the middle of a pandemic and you are trying to find safe things to do, gazing at Christmas lights couldn't be a more enjoyable option. Now, a Delaware County, Pennsylvania man is making that quest even easier with an app that maps out the best homes.

Mike Kane of Broomall developed the iOS app, ChristmasPrism, to help people find the most decorated homes.

Kane, who is a software engineer for Connectify in Philadelphia, says it started with his son's excitement over the festive tradition.

A West Chester 16-year-old puts on an elaborate Christmas light display all to help animals in need.

"You open up the map and immediately you're greeted with a map full of icons and people with houses," said Kane. "And you can just tap on an icon, it'll pop up an image. You can like it, you can comment on it, you can go see where it's at."

The decorated homes in the app are all user-generated, which right now has about 400.

"Each icon represents the number of likes, so you know one to three likes is a little elf and then you can move all the way up to a snow globe. We actually have some users with big snow globes already," said Kane. "It's a way to keep track of people viewing your house."

Kane is currently working on an Android version of the app.

So many things look different this year, the holidays included, but there's one thing a pandemic can't cancel: magic.

Kane says the app has been up now for about 10 days. He says he already has 14,000 users in 12 states.

"People from Puerto Rico are emailing me asking if they could add their house there. So, we wish it to be a nationwide thing where really the whole country comes together after such a crazy year," said Kane.

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