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Female Labour candidates 1918 to 1979

Female Labour candidates 1918 to 1979

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Pre-World War One, the Labour Party had given its support to the campaign by women for the right to vote. In 1918, the Representation of the People Act was passed giving women 30 years old and over and with property rights, the right to vote. As well as being able to vote, women also stood as candidates at elections. Labour was more tuned into this than the Conservatives in the immediate aftermath of the war, but the statistics still show that the party that represented the working class was still very much male-dominated.

1918: 4

1922: 10

1923: 14

1924: 22

1929: 30

1931: 36 (including 6 unendorsed)

1935: 33

1945: 41

1950: 42

1951: 41

1955: 43

1959: 36

1964: 33

1966: 21

1970: 29

1974: 40

1974: 50

1979: 52

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