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Joslyn Art Museum

Joslyn Art Museum

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Founded in 1931, Joslyn Art Museum, a premier center for the visual arts, is located in Omaha, Nebraska.It showcases an encyclopedic collection from antiquity to the present with highlights from 19th- and 20th-century art from Europe and America. Joslyn, a businessman and community leader.It took three years to complete the building. It was designed by Omaha architects John and Alan McDonald.The building features Native American themes, especially the abstract depiction of the mythical Thunderbird. The three-level interior was adorned with 38 types of marble from different countries, and stones from Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, and Morocco.In 1994, a 58,000-square-foot area, the Walter and Suzanne Scott Pavilion, was added to the museum building. It was designed by British architect Sir Norman Foster.The Abrahams Library in the museum is the largest art research library in the State of Nebraska.The Hitchcock Museum Shop provides a wide range of art-related products including books, videos, prints, gift items, jewelry, and cards.

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